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January 9, 2017

January 9, 1954

Philippa Gregory (January 9, 1954) is the writer of popular historical novels. They are praised for their authenticity, and their author in fact received a Ph.D from the University of Edinburgh in 1984. Gregory has also worked as a journalist, book reviewer, and TV presenter.

Her books include:

Wideacre, 1986;
The Favoured Child
, 1988;
Meridon, 1990;
Mrs Hartley and the Growth Centre, 1991;
The Wise Woman, 1992;
Fallen Skies, 1994;
The Little House,
A Respectable Trade, 1997;
Earthly Joys, 1999;
Virgin Earth, 2000;
The Other Boleyn Girl, 2001;
The Queen’s Fool,
The Virgin’s Lover, 2004;
The Constant Princess, 2005;
The Boleyn Inheritance, 2006;
The Other Queen, 2008;
The White Queen, 2009;
The Red Queen, 2010;
The Lady of the Rivers, 2011;
(jtly) The Women of the Cousins’ War, 2011;
Changeling, 2012;
The Kingmaker’s Daughter, 2012;
Stormbringers, 2013;
The White Princess, 2013;
The King’s Curse, 2014;
The Taming of the Queen, 2015

It is in The Boleyn Inheritance where we find this description of a Tudor woman:

I will own a cat and not fear being called a witch; I will dance and not fear being named a whore. I shall ride my horse and go where I please. I shall soar like a gyrfalcon. I shall live my own life and please myself. I shall be a free woman. It is no small thing, this, for a woman: freedom.

Philippa Gregory lists her hobby as child-raising. She has been married several times.

A Respectable Trade  and The Other Boleyn Girl, were both adopted for television. The latter was also made into a movie.

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