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January 10, 2017

January 10, 1960

Benno Elkan (December 2, 1877 to January 10, 1960) was a German sculptor, born in Dortmund, which is in Westphalia. He left the country in 1933, which was the year his public sculpture, a "Great War Memorial, To the Victims, Symbol of All Mourning Mothers" at Frankfort am Main, was removed by the Nazis. We learn from  biographical notes, that this art was re-erected in 1946. Meanwhile, his wife Hedwig nee Einstein (no relation to Albert) and their children were all safe in England. 

Elkan pursued his creation of art in Great Britain. Elkan's oeuvre included "tombs, busts, medals and monuments..... his works are in many museums in Europe."
Some major works mentioned in his Who's Who article:

The first statue in Britain of Sir Walter Raleigh, now at Greenwich
Bronze candelabra with Biblical figures at King's College Chapel, Cambridge, New College, Oxford and Buckfast Abbey
Two Great Bronze Candelabra of the Old and New Testament with about 80 figures erected in Westminster Abbey
Tomb for Abbot Anscar Vonier in Buckfast Abbey
Fighting Cock life size in silver gilt for Arsenal Football Club
[and a]
Seven-branched Candelabra (Menorah) for the Knesset in Jerusalem (a gift of British parliamentary members and others).

We include a picture of his "Rudyard Kipling Memorial Plaque" which was cast in lead.

Benno Elkan received an OBE in 1957. His wife died in 1959.

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