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June 28, 2016

June 28, 1965

Roberta Gilchrist (June 28, 1965) earned a Ph. D from the University of York in 1990. She has been Professor of Archaeology, at the University of Reading, since 1996. Her books

Gender and Material Culture: the archaeology of religious women, 1994;
Contemplation and Action: the other monasticism, 1995;
Gender and Archaeology: contesting the past, 1999;
Norwich Cathedral Close: the evolution of the English cathedral landscape, 2005
(with B. Sloane) Requiem: the medieval monastic cemetery in Britain, 2005
Medieval Life: archaeology and the life course, 2012;
(with C. Green) Glastonbury Abbey: archaeological excavations, 1904–1979, 2015

In one scholarly text, Gilchrist discusses the changing fashions in women's headdresses. Gilchrist points to their portrayals in effigies this way:

...[F]ashion shifted again in the fifteenth century to tall headdresses, either conical, with a veil attached to the top and flowing behind, or terminating in horns...These elaborate confections were attacked by moralists who claimed that they caused women to look like devils or cats; they were parodied on misericords like those at Ludlow (Shrops.) and Minster in Thanet (Kent)...

The above occurs in Medieval Life: Archaeology and the Life Course.

Her entry in the British Who's Who mentions her marriage in 2000, to Dr. John Miles Preston, as well as these honors and responsibilities:

Archaeologist, Norwich Cathedral, 1993–2005.
Editor, World Archaeology, 1997–2006;
Academic Advisor, Museum of London Archaeology Service, 1991–.
TV presenter, Down to Earth, 1991–92.
Member: Advisory Board for Redundant Churches, 1998–2001;
Ancient Monuments Advisory Committee, English Heritage, 1998–2001.
Council: Society. for Medieval Archaeology, 1990–93 (President, 2004–07)
Society of Antiquaries of London, 2007–10,
Trustee, Glastonbury Abbey, 2009–.
Keeley Fellow, Wadham College, Oxford, 2008–09.
FSA 2002
Martyn Jope Prize, [from the] Society for Medieval Archaeology, 2008

And Professor Gilchrist lists her recreations for this Who's Who article thusly:

travel, [and]
food and wine

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