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April 11, 2016

April 11, 1893

John Northcote Nash (April 11, 1893 to September 23, 1977) is a British painter. Nash, the son of a barrister, is honored for his landscapes.  This example is at the Tate

His cat pictures are also really memorable.

Image result for "John Nash" cat

One book on him, John Nash, (1983) by John Rothenstein, evokes a domestic peace which we see in his work also:

[T]he Nashes at Monks' Risborough...[exhibit] the simple pleasure they...[derived] from each other's company: Christine and the cats stayed indoors; she was curled up sewing and each of the cats sat [nearby.]

Laura Vocelle, is a fellow cat blogger (She had the great idea of making cat coloring books which should be pretty popular about now.) Her post on Nash mentions that all of the cat pictures John Nash did, were wood engravings, and most pictured cats asleep.

John Nash was awarded a CBE in 1964. He died shortly after his wife did.

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