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March 23, 2016

March 23, 1953

Raoul Dufy  (June 3, 1877 to March 23, 1953) was a French artist. He embodied the wild fauvist style, and is recalled today for his pure and bold renderings. Here is a cat he did; it is a detail from a scarf.

He did everything, as this site makes clear.

[M]any of dufy's designs were created using woodblock prints, thereby using both method and themes he found in japanese art.....Dufy transformed the face of fashion and fabric design, formulated practically all modern fabric design between 1909 and 1930, and his style most radically influenced the popular arts and the commercial design of the Western world. Even today, his vision influences the color, design, texture and imagery of a wide range of products such as book covers, perfumes, posters and stage decor, and textiles for furniture and clothing

Another cat dated 1920.

And another:

And below a painting titled "Open Window" letting us see Nice. I wonder if that scarf pattern above is not seen on this sofa.

More great Dufy stuff is available here.

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