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March 18, 2016

March 18, 1842

The life of Stephane Mallarme (March 18, 1842 to September 9, 1898) is briefly and nicely, summarized below:

Born in Paris in 1842, Mallarm√©’s lackluster school days ended with a year in London, during which he secured a certificate for teaching English, a job he performed poorly and with little satisfaction until an early retirement at the age of 51. His career was spent largely hopping from school to school, settling in Paris after nearly a decade of teaching in places such as Tournon and Avignon. His wife Gehrard stayed with him until his death, and as a couple they appear to have been happy, despite the itinerant nature of his teaching career. Perhaps this was due to his other career’s unqualified success: by the time of his retirement, he had established himself as a key figure in the French literary world, and, by his death ... he was widely regarded as the greatest living French poet and the pillar of the Parisian scene. Attendees of his regular salons included Yeats, Rilke, Valery, and others, and Verlaine included an essay on his work in the famous
Les Poètes Maudits (The Accursed Poets).

Perhaps though we can rely on a certain proverb, and just present "Mallarme's Cat".
Mallarme's Cat (Gouache on Paper) Giclee Print

Since the artist of this portrayal of Mallarme's cat,  is, Edouard Manet, we have to calculate the worth of this picture with an exponent. 

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