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August 27, 2012

August 27, 1971

Margaret Bourke-White (June 14, 1904 to August 27, 1971) the notable American photographer pioneered in news photography in the 20th century. Born in New York City, her job saw her fearless in many places where women had not before been welcome.  She photographed modern industry, modern war, modern camps. She was successful early: she was a photojournalist for Fortune magazine in 1929.

Her art is not associated with feline subjects.  Mostly the Margaret Bourke-White cat photographs were those shot by other photographers.

"Margaret Bourke-White at home: Photo by Cyreenik" shows an old woman with her black and white fluffy cat in a garden, which may well be her home in Darien Connecticut.Not sure whose that photographic credit is.

Alfred Eisenstaedt photographed her, and it is labeled "Margaret Bourke-White with kitten," Darien, Connecticut, 1944.

And Anselm Adams photographed the photographer, and it is in google images labeled, "Margaret Bourke-White and Cat, Darien, Connecticut"

In this last photograph, we see the qualitative difference between just good and world class art:
The distinction is subtle: in a photo frame with a smiling pretty head looking directly at the camera, you don't analyze at first this delicate note -- the cat in her arms is looking at the camera at exactly the same angle as is Bourke-White.

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