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August 26, 2012

August 26, 1952

August 26, 1952 is the birthday of Will Shortz. This Indiana native is another middle west contribution to American culture. Shortz is the crossword editor at The New York Times. According to Garrison Keillor, Will Shortz has a favorite New York Times puzzle, the one published on November 5, 1996.
That was election day.

The puzzle had two different correct solutions with the same set of clues. The clue whose answer formed one of the middle rows across read, "Lead story in tomorrow's newspaper." The answer seemed to be CLINTON ELECTED, but Jeremiah Farrell had carefully constructed ambiguity in all of the crossing clues, so that the answer to that middle-across clue could also be "BOB DOLE ELECTED." Either answer worked perfectly in the puzzle. The first downward crossing clue, for instance, was "Black Halloween animal." Either "bat" or "cat" would be correct, with the C for the start of CLINTON or the B for the start of BOB DOLE.

The author of this puzzle, it should be remembered was Jeremiah Farrell.

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