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July 8, 2017

July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013 is the day 5 men from Aceh province were finally rescued. They had been in a tree for 5 days because there were 5 to 7 tigers beneath the tree. These beasts of the Indonesian jungle were examples of an endangered species (Panthera tigris sumatrae). The men had their cell phones, so their plight was under consideration. Help involved, setting up a rescue plan involving tranquilizer darts for the many tigers. There were six men originally. The tigers had already killed one of them, when his perch had broken, and he had been partially consumed.

All reports mention in an explanatory manner that the men had killed a cub of this endangered species.
They had set a trap for deer, and the kitten had gotten caught. This part is a bit odd: the story is the cub eventually died. Does this mean it had been injured in the trap? The tigers circling the tree had their reasons.

But the tranquilizers were never used. One report mentions a "tamer" made the tigers go away. This is not contradicted by the account in the Daily Mail. Their headline is

"Indonesians trapped in tree for five days by hungry tigers that ate one of their friends are rescued by holy man using special chant."

.....A holy man uttering a special chant succeeded today in calming a group of snarling tigers that had chased five men up a tree, leaving them trapped there for nearly five days.

As the holy man uttered his mantra - a mind-calming chant that originates in ancient India - the tigers turned tail and slipped back into the Indonesian jungle, allowing the desperate men to come down from their precarious perch in the branches.

The tigers had their reasons.

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