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July 12, 2017

July 12, 1931

Ruby Stein (July 12, 1931) thinks nothing of driving cross country to see family.  After a girlhood of hard Kansas farm work, a life raising five children, and a widowhood living with a son in Akron, Ohio, she just got in the car a few months ago, for a solo trip to see a granddaughter, and great grandchildren, in Gypsum, Colorado. Alone except for her cat, a torty named Nicky.  The return trip was the adventure: she got lost and then stranded in the winter (March) mountain wilderness. For five days she rationed her food (rice krispy bars) to two bites a day, as she waited to be noticed. There was plenty of catfood in the car, but she did not have to share with the cat, because two hikers came upon the car. The Denver Post has the whole story.

Including this picture, post rescue:

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