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May 29, 2017

May 29, 1912

Pamela Hansford Johnson, (May 29, 1912 to June 18, 1981) was an English writer.
Because her husband was C. P. Snow, she is sometimes referred to as Baroness Snow.

Her novel, The Sea and the Wedding (1957), somewhat Murdochian, was actually published before most of Iris Murdoch's fiction. Therein Johnson writes:

Mrs. Baird came out from her room like Electra from portals of brass, and stood weeping with her back to the door. 'Tiny is dead.' She stood aside to let us enter into the ammoniac gloom. The white cat lay in his basket, looking like a soiled tippet at a jumble sale.

One of the Snows' own cats was named Sirikit. Sirikit is described by Olivia Manning in Extraordinary Cats (1967) as "a seal-point [...which], has the beauty and intelligence of her kind, and, as one might expect from the bearer of such a name, a queenly courtesy..".

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