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April 17, 2017

April 17, 1959

Peter Doig (April 17, 1959), a Scottish painter, has been nominated for a Turner prize, seen his paintings sell for a million plus, and been a Tate trustee. Here is an example of his work from 2014.

The Saatchi Gallery describes the art of Peter Doig this way:

Themes of magical realism stream through ...Doig’s work, capturing timeless moments of perfect tranquillity, where photo-album memory flits in and out of waking dream. Drawing from his Canadian childhood, and one of the spookier scenes from Friday the 13th, Peter Doig’s canoes have become a seminal image in his work; their reflection in the water, like a double life, is a fantasy mirror to the unknown. Canoe-Lake is rendered with unsettling perfection: capturing not just a spying view over a fence, but the strange echoing silence of drifting on a lake, the impossible stillness of the current, and the cloying warmth of late-summer air.

Whatever Doig has, the critics are driven to florescent incoherence in describing it.

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