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December 26, 2016

December 26, 1924

Arnold Henry Savage Landor (1865 to December 26, 1924) was an English explorer, a writer, and anthropologist. He first intended to become a painter. He studied under Gustave Boulanger, an academician who spearheaded protest against those "impressionists." Landor loved travel and these turned out to be the source of his books and fame.

His books show the author as A. Henry Savage-Landor, which highlights his relation to that dear Victorian thinker, Walter Savage Landor, who was his grandfather. Here are some of his books--

Alone with the Hairy Ainu

In the Forbidden Land
China and the Allies (1901).

Across Coveted Lands
(1902). (multi volume set)
The Gems of the East (1904).
Tibet and Nepal (1905).
The Living Races of Mankind (1905).
Across Widest Africa (1907).
An Explorer's Adventures in Tibet (1910).
Across Unknown South America (1913).
Everywhere, the Memoirs of an Explorer (1924).

He did not travel alone. We know, in 1902, he had at least two cats with him.

A. Henry Savage Landor with his cats, Kerman and Zeris.

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