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November 15, 2016

November 15, 1902

Here is a brief biography for Diego Giacometti, born in Borgonovo/ Schweiz 1902  and finally in Paris, 1985.

Diego Giacometti was born on November 15, 1902 into a famous family of artists from the Bergell valley in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, as the son of painter Giovanni Giacometti and brother of the sculptor Alberto Giacometti.
Diego attended schools in Stampa, Schiers, St. Gallen and Basel. Initially the artist completed an apprenticeship as a salesman, before moving to Paris in 1925, where he became his brother Alberto's consultant and companion. Diego Giacometti was his brothers closest staff member, setting up support structures for Alberto's fragile statues, making plaster casts and patinating all his bronze sculptures. Until his brother died, he sat for him as a model every day.
From 1939 to 1945 Diego Giacometti began to create his own sculptural works. From 1950 Diego Giacometti increasingly created furniture and objects, mostly made to order for interior designers, art collectors and gallery owners.
In 1966 after his brother's death Diego Giacometti focused entirely on his own works. He is estimated to have created between 4000 and 5000 objects and sculptures, most of which he sold to friends and acquaintances during his life time.
Giacometti's last major commission made him famous among large parts of the public. The artist designed the interior of the Picasso Museum in Paris, which was inaugurated in September 1985. Diego designed the furniture, the stairrails, door fittings and the ceiling lamps.
Diego Giacometti, did not live to see the museum's inauguration ceremony. Having spent 40 years of his life in his brother's shadow as the "other Giacometti", Diego Giacometti is now highly respected and regarded as an independent artist.

Cat Butler by Diego Giacometti, an image we found on

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