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July 17, 2016

July 17, 1917

Gustavo Arriola (July 17, 1917 to February 2, 2008) was a Mexican-American comic strip cartoonist.  "Gordo"is the title for his strip which ran from 1941 through 1985.

If I didn't disdain Wikipedia so much I would mention below is their summary of his cartoon:

The strip chronicled the life of Mexican bean farmer, Perfecto Salazar "Gordo" Lopez ... Other characters in the strip included his nephew, Pepito; his pets, Señor Dog and Poosy Gato (a cat); a black cat named "PM" and her kitten "Bête Noire"; the 'hip' jazz-loving and artistic 'beat' spider, Bug Rogers, drawn with only six legs; Paris Juarez Keats Garcia, a poet; Artemisa Rosalinda Gonzalez, a widow determined to marry the bachelor farmer; and Tehuana Mama, Gordo's housekeeper.

The National Cartoonist Society's Humor Comic Strip Award was given to Arriola twice, in 1957 and 1965.

And here is a great example of his art. You can see what impressed Charles Schultz, who prasied Arriola for creating "probably the most beautifully drawn strip in the history of the business."

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