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February 21, 2016

February 21, 1887

Wilhelm Speyer (February 21, 1887 to December 1, 1952) was a German writer. His parents were a wealthy assimilated, Jewish family of Berlin, After the Reichstag Fire (February 27, 1933) which resulted in the government assuming emergency powers, Speyer fled Germany
and wound up a script writer in Hollywood during the war, a job for which his health ill-suited him.

Speyer had some fame as a writer. He collaborated with Walter Benjamin before leaving Germany. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, "Der Kampf der Tertia (1927, The Third-Form Struggle), by Wilhelm Speyer, was Germany’s excellent contribution to the genre of the school story."

In 1929 this novel was made into a silent movie, Fight of the Tertia and later in 1952, a talkie. Speyer's novel was also translated by Margaret Juer into English, and given the title Galahads and Pussycats (1929). Here's the cover of this English version:

Image result for "Wilhelm Speyer" cat

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