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January 8, 2016

January 8, 1869

Arnold Genthe ( (January 8, 1869 to August 9, 1942) ) became a successful photographer of the famous after he emigrated to the United States from Germany. Here is Genthe's Garbo, dated to 1925.
Garbo by Arnold Genthe, 1925

Arnold Genthe was also a lover of cats . He had a cat in his studio, a succession of four, we read. They were all named Buzzer, and he used them as props on occasion. Genthe wrote in a memoir As I Remember (1936):

“It is told that at the age of four, when I was taken by the nurse to look at my newly arrived brother Hugo, I seriously remarked, ‘I’d like a little kitten better.’ I am fond of dogs, but cats have always meant more to me, and they have been the wise and sympathetic companions of many a solitary hour.”

Here is one of Genthe's cats, in 1912. Like Garbo, this cat would look great regardless of the photographer.

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