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March 14, 2014

March 14, 1790

Ludwig Emil Grimm (March 14, 1790 to April 4, 1863) was a German painter who produced many etchings. He studied art in Germany, (Kassel) and Italy. Goethe is said to have praised his work. He is famous for his portraits, including one of Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm, his older brothers. One source says "In 1832 Grimm became professor at the academy of arts in Kassel. ...[In] 1842, after his wife had died, Grimm moved to his brother Wilhelm to Berlin."
The brothers were all close, having lost their father when the eldest Jacob, was just eleven. years old. Jacob, and Wilhelm (and Wilhelm's wife) all lived together so Ludwig was home. There were a total of five Grimm brothers. Shared hardship, shared genius, resulted in a very close knit family.

Here is a cat Ludwig Emil Grimm did. Not very sentimental: he labeled it "To the Mice, in Fond Memory," (Den Mäusen zur freundlichen Erinnerung). It is dated to 1855-56.

A Cat (To the Mice, in Fond Memory)

And here is Ludwig's portrait of his older brothers (1843).

As is often the case, biography is all the fairy tales you need.

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