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January 7, 2014

January 7, 1912

In 1933 The New Yorker published its first Charles Addams cartoon. For more than fifty years, Addams (January 7, 1912 to September 29, 1988) would find that magazine his intellectual home. His quirky humor, often mislabeled as macabre, is the light of an original unclassifiable genius.

We present the cartoon below labeled "Space Ark" as evidence.

Lions and tigers and chickens --- all just wonderful. 
The first place I found the cartoon above was in a feature labeled "Great Minds Think Alike" at a site called The Ephemerist. (Their motto is "marginal since 2002"). They paired this Addams with an antecedent version of a similar idea.  Here is the cover of the November 1939 issue of Startling Stories

According to the website of the Tee and Charles Addams Foundation, "Tee and Charles loved animals so much that they were even married in a pet cemetery, combining the couple's sensibilities and senses of humor."

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