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January 16, 2014

January 16, 1955

According to Mary Karr's website, the banner of which reads "Mary Karr official website of new york times best selling author":

She has won prizes from Best American Poetry as well as Pushcart Prizes for both poetry and essays. Her four volumes of poetry are Sinners Welcome (.... 2006), Viper Rum (...1998), The Devil's Tour (... 1993), and Abacus (...1986). Her work appears in such magazines as The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Poetry, and Parnassus. Karr is the Jesse Truesdell Peck Professor of Literature at Syracuse University and was the weekly poetry editor for the Washington Post Book World's "Poet's Choice" column.

I am finding it a little off-putting to hear Mary Karr (born January 16, 1955) described as 'combative.' This label is not justified on the grounds she called James Merrill's poetry opaque. By that she merely came down on the side of clarity in poetic diction. An example of such clarity is a poem of hers from The Writer's Almanac, which has the title 
"For a Dying Tomcat Who's Relinquished His Former Hissing and Predatory Nature"

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