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December 23, 2013

December 23 1960

Season Two of The Twilight Zone---- the 47th episode in the show's total run: "The Night of the Meek" has a drunk man in a Santa Claus outfit kicked out of a bar for drinking so much, and then fired from his job as a department store Santa, for falling on his face in front of the children and parents. Then on a dark and snowy, slum street, he finds a bag of toys, and gets to fulfill his heart's desire to give children and others too, what they want. This bag the the Santa finds in an alley, has a cat jump out of it at first, and then later, in the police station, the same cat jumps out again, while the bag is lying on a desk. A yellow cat, though this is not obvious from the black and white film.

Serling wrote the story, and it was directed by Jack Smight. ""The Night of the Meek" first aired on December 23, 1960. At the end, the hero gets in a real sleigh with real reindeer, and flies off.

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