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November 13, 2013

November 13, 1981

Gerhard Marcks (February 18, 1889 to November 13, 1981), the German sculptor was born in Berlin and died in Cologne. 

He was teaching pottery at the Halle School of Arts and Crafts when the Nazis came to power and dismissed him from his job. After 1937 he was forbidden to exhibit in Germany. Much of his stored art work was destroyed by bombing raids, in 1943 and 1945. After the war his prize winning career resumed. After the second world war he was commissioned to do war memorials at Cologne and Hamburg. And he was able to travel widely."He bought a summer house on the island of Aegina in 1960." This according to the website

From the beginning of his career he loved to sculpt animals. According to his article in Encyclopedia Britannica, "Upon his return [from the first war] he adopted a more Expressionist style in his work, rendering human figures with a simplified angularity that recalls Gothic sculpture."

We see this  in the woodcut of kittens below.

His genius is apparent in the design in this art titled Die kleinen Katzen and dated to 1922. It is owned by MoMA now.

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