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October 30, 2013

October 30, 1885

Ezra Pound the poet was born October 30, 1885 and died November 1, 1972. Idaho to Italy, by way of England.
Pound in England published articles in Orage's New Age, articles complaining about the deadliness of the English artistic scene. In his desire to make it all new---he did not just edit Eliot, he also edited Yeats, -- who later wrote he learned from Pound, "how much further the movement against abstraction had gone than my generation had thought possible." About this time -- 1912 or 1913, Pound wrote (in "Salutation the Second"):

Go! Rejuvenate things!
Rejuvenate even 'The Spectator.'
     Go and make cat calls!
Dance and make people blush,
Dance the dance of the phallus
     and tell anecdotes of Cybele!


And at the end of his life---- returned to Italy. I assume, I can't believe they let him keep cats at St. Elizabeths, this photo tells us a lot.  Posed, otherwise why is the cat food on the floor, except to corral the cats. Pound was always an example of a good cat person.

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