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August 26, 2013

August 26, 1349

Thomas Bradwardine, was a major philosopher and theologian of the 14th century. He was a fellow at Balliol College as well as the King's (Edward III) chaplain.  Bradwardine was part of a circle at Oxford University that anticipated in their studies certain aspects of modern science. Whether this sufficed to conclude the Renaissance began earlier than commonly assumed, is not a settled conclusion.  According to historian Carl Boyer (A History of Mathematics, 1984) "the works of Bradwardine had contained some fundamentals of trigonometry gleaned from Muslim sources."

Thomas Bradwardine concluded space was an infinite void. 

Bradwardine's cat, named Culbert, liked to rub against attendees of mass at court.

After John de Ufford, the Archbishop of Canterbury (the head of the English church) died of the plague in 1349. Bradwardine became his successor. His tenure lasted less than two months though, as he also died of the plague.

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