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July 30, 2013

July 30, 1963

Lisa Kudrow's birthday is July 30, 1963. She starred in a movie which will someday be recognized as a cult classic. Nora Ephron (May 19, 1941 to June 26, 2012) produced and directed "Lucky Numbers" released in October, of 2000. "Lucky Numbers", with a plot written by Adam Resnick, revolves around almost bright, almost sophisticated, almost virtuous, always greedy and utterly absurd small town, local television stars, played by Lisa Kudrow and John Travolta. They fix the lottery.

Among the silly extravagant things Lisa gets with the fortune she is expecting, is a Persian cat. Which is the only odd note in this perfect movie, really, because Kudrow's character is psychotic beneath a ditsy veneer of pretty girl sleeps her way to the top. Not the formula for a cat lover, but we'll assume the cat is meant as an  ornamental example of luxury goods. Might be the one false note in this movie, the psychotic with a Persian cat on her lap, and plausibly described as a wee mistake, since Nora Ephron was not a cat person.

"Lucky Numbers" cost 60 million to make, grossed 10. Needs more people to rave about it. A cult of one is less fun. 

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