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June 29, 2013

June 29, 1942

Perhaps your view of novels is that fiction never glances real life enough to make it worth your time. Perhaps what you find engrossing is the people who write stories. If so, these details about Charlotte Bingham, writer of historical novels, are interesting. Bingham was born to 7th Baron Clanmorris (John Bingham) and of Madeleine Mary Ebel, in Sussex, England, June 29, 1942. 

The author's talent is exhibited in snippets like this one, from 
The House of Flowers (2004) :

'So what other treats are we in for this week then, Mrs A?' Billy asked over-politely, as he surreptitiously dropped an extra large lump of what he deeply suspected might be carp down to the ever grateful cat.

Here is a picture of Charlotte Bingham The pooch was named Tati.

This picture dates from around the time of her marriage to Terence Brady. They have a son and a daughter. and no doubt other pets now. They also have a history of collaborating on television scripts. They worked on several episodes of Upstairs, Downstairs, as a team and other series, such as The Complete Lack of Charm of the Bourgeoisie. Change of Heart, (1994) won Bingham the Romantic Novel of the Year Award, in  1995, from the Romantic Novelists’ Association. 

UK Who's Who, which is the source for most of this information, lists Bingham's hobbies as: 
"Horses, watching other people garden, shouting back at the television."

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