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June 18, 2013

June 18, 1952

Isabella Rossellini has a birthday today. She was born in Rome on June 18, 1952. This famous model and actress, (Death Becomes Her), was the face of Lancome until this cosmetics company dropped her in 1996 because of her age. Rossellini, in an interview with Diane Clehane on May 1, 2013,  brings a nice poise to a situation all women face. Her response is to re-order her interests, and, for the daughter of Ingrid Bergman, that means pursuing an passion for animals.

I live on Long Island and I don’t go to fancy parties and premieres. I don’t like that aspect of celebrity...she doesn’t believe in plastic surgery (“I think one must be so insecure to resort to that, because surgery is torture”) and is completely realistic about what getting older means to women in entertainment. “I don’t consider myself an actress. I’m someone who used to be an actress,...“Life goes in stages and things fall away. It’s linked with age — there’s nothing you can do. ...This new chapter started a few short years ago when Isabella found a unique way to channel her lifelong fascination with animals ( She currently shares her home with two dogs, a cat, two rescue rabbits, two chickens and two pigs ...) into some interesting projects. She’s getting her masters in animal behavior at Hunter College ...“There are so many interesting things you can do in your life if you evolve and change. What counts is that you’re happy..."

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