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May 29, 2013

May 29, 1923

Bernard Clavel (May 29, 1923 to October 5, 2010) was a French writer, who took pacifist stands on occasion. He was from humble beginnings, and his many novels reflect a deep sympathy for the downtrodden. His wife was from Quebec and he traveled widely, and was financially successful as a writer, with television and movie tellings of his stories. In 1968 he won the Prix Goncourt for Les Fruits de l'hiver. There is a long wikipedia article on him in French, though the machine translator left me unclear about whether he rejected or gave back that Prix Goncourt prize. That translator also left me wondering about the original of "sentimental geography," which is a nice phrase.

Not a lot is translated into English, but I would love to read L'espion aux yeux verts (1969). The blurb says it is about a paranoid old man who thinks a cat with green eyes is a spy.

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