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August 18, 2012

August 18, 1981

Anita Loos (April 26, 1888 to August 18, 1981) was an American author and screenwriter.
Her early ambition was to write and her talent was recognised quickly. It was her screenplays that made Douglas Fairbanks a star. Her 1925 story, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes--- portrays a new world, one still around today, as a recent introduction maintains:

This was the era of the “working girl” and by working, I don't mean prostitution. It was a time when hundreds of young women, weaned on feminism and the prospects of having careers just like men, flocked to the big cities in search of their forturns. But before a fortune could be acquired, "dues" had to be paid, which meant a life style of unexpected drudgery -- long hours with low pay...[a lifestyle which ] usually included cats. 

Such a lifestyle is part of the contrast with the wealthy gold-digger of Loos's classic.

Loos also did the screenplay for Collette's Gigi..

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