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February 2, 2012

February 2, 1882

The Pinkertons famous agency was founded in 1850. Less remembered is the agency founded in 1906 in Los Angeles, "Nick Harris Detectives". Nicholas B. Harris (February 2, 1882 to 1943) was an investigative reporter turned private detective and his agency is still in business. He is "credited for solving many of the most baffling criminal cases at the turn-of-the-century..." He was also a bit odd: it is said that he "...would not handle or accept a pen from anyone. He always put his left shoe on first, and considered Friday the 13th and black cats to be lucky. Strange as it may seem, his best friends were criminals he sent to the big house."

Nick Harris had a national radio program prior to the birth of television, called "Why Crime Doesn't Pay". He is also the author of  In the Shadows, Thirty Detective Stories. (1923). Nick Harris has been called  "the front runner of today's who-done-its".

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