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January 7, 2012

January 7, 1912

Charles Addams (January 7, 1912 to September 29, 1988) is the only New Yorker cartoonist to see his art so inspirational in so many media. Still for some, the wit of the cartoons exactly fits their original linear sketches.

Charles Addams, between wives, dated many, including, Axie Whitney. Her family was old California money and her father owned La Valencia hotel (La Jolla). She was a sculptor in the challenging medium of bronze. Whitney and Addams met at a party around 1964. She would later recall how kind he was to her children.

Addams was in the habit of bringing his own art as a gift, in various social situations,say, as a hostess gift at a party. So when Axie Whitney's cat died, Addams came to visit, bringing his 1961 cartoon showing two salesmen regarding a "Beware of the Cat" sign in a yard. As they enter the space, one says to the other, 'there's a silly sign if I ever saw one;' they do not notice, up in the treetops, the Cheshire cat.

Most of the above account is from a biography of Charles Addams, Chas Addams: a cartoonist's life,(2006). Linda H. Davis, wrote it. 

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