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January 24, 2012

January 24, 1965

Winston Churchill, (November 30,  1874  to January 24, 1965) led the Western resistance to the Nazi war effort and is widely considered the major leader during the war. Stalin never got over the belief however, that the Russian people were left to bear the brunt of the fighting and that the Allied forces could have distracted the Germans sooner.

The following quote shows a lighter side to the British leader. The link is to the picture and the text:

A runner-up in the extra manly cat man category, Winston Churchill was both the consummate politician, and the consummate cat man. He kicked Neville "peace for our time" Chamberlain to the kerb, and then kicked Hitler's ass all around Europe. And he did it all with the purring support of his felines (and, apparently, a profane parrot), who would sometimes deign to keep him company during important wartime meetings at 10 Downing Street.

Later in his life, Winston met perhaps his favorite cat, Jock, a white and ginger tabby he received as a birthday present. He loved Jock so much that, in Hemingway fashion, he provided for him in perpetuity. When Winston's country estate, Chartwell, was handed over the National Trust after he died, it was asked that a marmalade cat named Jock be kept there "in comfortable residence." According to somewhat differing accounts, either Jock III or IV is currently keeping a watch over things at Chartwell. 

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