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January 14, 2012

January 14, 1904

Cecil Beaton ( January 14, 1904  to January 18, 1980) has enduring fame as a fashion and society photographer. He photographed the British royal family,for example, including the famous wedding picture of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. His many credits include Lady Christabel Aberconway's cat, Antonia. I have taken the liberty of putting the picture below. It was taken in 1950.

"Lady Aberconway's cat, Antonia, Bodnant, 1950 "

Bodnant,  the location where Antonia was photographed, is the estate of the Aberconways, in Wales. And Antonia was not just a rich cat, but her mistress, Lady Christabel Aberconway, (1890 - 1974) was a scholar: she is the author of the Dictionary of Cat Lovers (1949). The wife of the second Baron Aberconway, Christabel Macnaghten McLaren, would be described privately by Beaton in his diary, making an entrance in the 1960s, in these words:
The last to make a theatrical entrance with a cane was pie-eyed, pissed, Christabel Aberconway.

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