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January 28, 2012

Jan. 28, 1935

David Lodge, (born on January 28, 1935)  author of satirical novels about academe, recently published, Deaf Sentence (2008), described by a reviewer as " a witty, original and absorbing account of one man’s effort to come to terms with deafness, ageing and mortality, and the comedy and tragedy of human lives.When the university merged his Department of English with Linguistics, Professor Desmond Bates took early retirement..."

We quote this passage exactly:

"'Did you say  pig or fig" said the Cat. "I said pig" replied Alice.' Maybe the Cheshire Cat was a bit deaf: it wasn't sure whether Alice had used a bi-labial plosive or a labiodental fricative....

Lodge has had two novels, Nice Work (1988) and Small World, (1984) shortliested for for the Booker Prize. In 1998 Lodge received the British honor of being made a CBE (Companion of the British Empire) for as they say "his services to literature."

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