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December 18, 2011

December 18, 1954

Robert K. Massie (born January 5, 1929)and Suzanne Rohrbach are both writers and they were married on December 18, 1954.Some of her books include Land of the Firebird: The Beauty of Old Russia, (1980) and Pavlovsk: The Life of a Russian Palace, (1990).

Robert Massie's books about Russian history are well-known, and include Nicholas and Alexandra,(1967) and Peter the Great: His Life and World,(1980). His book on Catherine the Great is just published (2011).

Their son Robert K. Massie, IV, has hemophilia, and together Robert and Suzanne Massie wrote about their experiences treating their son, and their encounters with the American health care system. That book, Journey, was published in 1975. In Journey we learn about many pets, including a "series of prolific and durable cats, all of them from Maine, all of them with good, sturdy, no-nonsense characters..." Durable seems to mean they avoided getting run over by cars.

Robert and Suzanne divorced in 1990; she married Seymour Papert (born February 29, 1928) an MIT mathematician,and computer scientist. Robert Massie married Deborah Karl, in 1992.

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