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December 15, 2011

December 15, 1929

Marian Babson (born December 15, 1929) a pseudonym for Ruth Stenstreem. She is a mystery author with a large body of work that rotates in and out of print. She was born in Salem, Massachusetts, but has lived most her life in London, England. From 1976 to 1986 Babson served as secretary for the Crime Writers Association.  Her mysteries often feature cats, as is obvious from glancing at some titles:

Murder at the Cat Show, 1972

Paws for Alarm.1984.

Nine Lives to Murder, 1992

The Company of Cats, 1999
To Catch a Cat, 2000
 The Cat Next Door, 2001.
The Cat Who Wasn't A Dog, 2003.
Please Do Feed the Cat,. 2004
Only the Cat Knows, 2005

And Canapes for the Kitties, (1996), which I have not, alas, read, is summarized this way:
"When writer Lucinda Lucas tries to dispose of three fictional characters, Lucas's hometown of Brimful Coffers, a writer's colony, dissolves into a chaos involving Lucas and her cats--Had-I, Roscoe, and But-Known."

The Diamond Cat (1996) is also one I would like to read; here is the setup: "Boarding four cats for her neighbors during a long holiday weekend, Bettina Bilby is astonished when a freak storm brings a carrier pigeon bearing a tiny sack of diamonds, which one of the cats swallows up."

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