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October 6, 2009

Oct. 6, 1660

Here are excerpts from a poem about a cat, owned by a woman, who dressed him up:

About his neck she hung fine pearls.
..[A] little jacket and a skirt...
old tom-cat into damsel gay.
The cat who showed no evidence
joy for being by fool caressed...
Whatever happened then took place
because she failed to embrace
Her cat as closely as she might.
The good cat gained the stair,
And then the attic, and from there
Out upon the tiles he strayed.
...The lady prayed
Her servants instantly to be
Out after him assiduously:

But in the country of the tiles
Wary tom-cats show their wiles.
...The cat uncaged,..
Never returned; the Lady raged
Less for the necklace's expense
Than for her tom-cat vanished thence.

This nicely pictured story was composed quite a while ago, and shows how some things don't change. It was written by Paul Scarron, who was died on October 5, 1660.

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