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September 13, 2009

Sept. 13, 1984

This September 13, 1984 item involves, not cats, but a squirrel---this is an article from a Lancaster England newspaper.
Flashback Lancaster
This week in Lancaster County history
Intelligencer Journal
Lancaster New Era

RING THEFT: A squirrel and an unidentified woman were suspects in the theft of a $2,000 diamond ring that belonged to an 84-year-old North Broad Street man who had dropped it while cleaning it in his backyard. The ring landed on one of several peanut butter crackers the man had set out for the squirrels. It stuck to one of the crackers, and a squirrel ran off with it and into Reservoir Park. Several days later, the victim saw a man with a metal detector in the park, and when he asked if he ever found anything, the man showed him the ring. The victim explained it was his, but a woman accompanying the man with the metal detector asked to see it, and the pair walked off with it and did not return. (Sept. 13, 1984)

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