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August 4, 2009

Aug. 4, 1792

Shelley's birthday is August 4, 1792. This major poetic voice includes in his juvenile verse a charming set about a cat:


A CAT in distress,
Nothing more, nor less ;

Good folks, I must faithfully tell ye,
As I am a sinner,
It waits for some dinner

To stuff out its own little belly.

You would not easily guess
All the modes of distress

Which torture the tenants of earth ;
And the various evils,
Which like so many devils,

Attend the poor souls from their birth.

Some a living require,

And others desire An old fellow out of the way ;

And which is the best

I leave to be guessed, For I cannot pretend to say.


One wants society,
Another variety,

Others a tranquil life ;
Some want food,
Others, as good,

Only want a wife.

But this poor little cat
Only wanted a rat,

To stuff out its own little maw ;
And it were as good
Some people had such food,

To make them hold their jaw !

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