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October 3, 2016

October 3, 1989

Trevor Grove (January 1, 1945) is a British journalist. St Edmund Hall, Oxford was his school. A pinnacle in Grove's journalist career was editing the Sunday Telegraph, a position he assumed on October 3, 1989. Trevor Grove was also a magistrate and this experience informs his book, The Juryman's Tale (1998). One of his interesting perspectives is that of a jury which refused to convict a lady who stole tins of cat food. He surmises:

The reason it appeared was that the jury felt it would be wrong to convict her, when only that day another jury had found a man charged with a very violent offense not guilty. Sauce for the violent goose, they reasoned, should be sauce for the cat-food-thieving gander.

Grove is a dog person. One of his books,  One Dog and His Man (2003), is about his Dalmatian. We note that his Who's Who entry varied over time. At one point his listed his recreations as

 "playing tennis, messing about in a boat, learning the tango, walking the dog".

This year his Who's Who list of pastimes runs this way: 

"Tennis, cooking, dog-walking, grandchild-minding."

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