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October 20, 2016

October 20, 1937

John Wragg (October 20, 1937) is a well known British artist. His father Arthur Wragg, also made a living in art. The website of John Wragg shows cats he paints. That is where I found "Stray," which he dated to 2010.

Here is a thumbnail.


Go to his site, and notice, that same cat appears in other, interior, scenes. And find out more about this painter and sculptor.

John Wragg, Blue Chair, cat painting: Cat Painting

 [confims he does painting AND sculpture--bio matches his wsw]


RA 1991 (ARA 1983)

Born 20 Oct. 1937; s of Arthur and Ethel Wragg


York Sch. of Art; Royal Coll. of Art

Work in public collections: Israel Mus., Jerusalem; Tate Gall.; Arts Council of GB; Arts Council of NI; Contemp. Art Soc.; Wellington Art Gall., NZ; work in private collections in GB, America, Canada, France and Holland. One-man exhibitions: Hanover Gall., 1963, 1966 and 1970; Galerie Alexandre Iolas, Paris, 1968; York Fest., 1969; Bridge Street Gall., Bath, 1982; Katherine House Gall., Marlborough, 1984; Quinton Green Fine Art, London, 1985; Devizes Mus. Gall., 1994; England & Co., London, 1994; L’Art Abstrait, London, 1995; Handel House Gall., Devizes, 2000; Bruton Gall., Leeds, 2000; exhibitions: Lord’s Gall., 1959; L’Art Vivant, 1965–68; Arts Council Gall., Belfast, 1966; Pittsburgh Internat., 1967; Britische Kunst heute, Hamburg, Fondn Maeght, and Contemp. Art Fair, Florence, 1968; Bath Fest. Gall., 1977 and 1984; Artists Market, 1978; Biennale di Scultura di Arese, Milan, and King Street Gall., Bristol, 1980; Galerie Bollhagen Worpswede, N Germany, 1981 and 1983; Quinton Green Fine Art, London, 1984, 1985, 1986 and 1987; Best of British, Simpsons, 1993; Connaught Brown, London, 1993; Monumental ’96, Belgium, 1996; Courcoux & Courcoux, 1997; Bruton Gall., Leeds, 1999; Bruton St Gall., London, 1999; Discerning Eye, Mall Galls, London, 2000; Cobham Fest., 2001; Bohun Gall., Henley-on-Thames, 2001; RWA Gall., 2001; Hotbath Gall., Bath, 2002. Sainsbury Award, 1960; Winner of Sainsbury Sculpture Comp., King’s Road, Chelsea, 1966; Arts Council Major Award, 1977; Chantry Bequest, 1981. Relevant publications: chapters and articles about his work in: Neue Dimensionen der Plastik, 1964; Contemporary British Artists, 1979; British Sculpture in the Twentieth Century, 1981; Studio Internat., Art & Artiste, Sculpture Internat., Arts Rev., and The Artist


6 Castle Lane, Devizes, Wilts, SN10 1HJ

(01380) 727087 johnwragg.ra@virgin.neteq

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