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June 10, 2016

June 10, 1959

Eliot Spitzer (June 10, 1959) as attorney general of New York did an industrious job of administering justice. This may have led to his being setup in a prostitution sting. Regardless the huge hypocrisy of the American people can be relied upon to turn on a public figure who does what they themselves do. Spitzer is probably the model for the "Good Wife," show's bad husband.

In 2013, five years later, Spitzer left his wife for a political spokesperson, Lis Smith. According to usually unreliable sources, the new couple adopted a cat together.

The Daily Mail says:

Eliot Spitzer's ex-girlfriend, 33, gets the cat in break-up - two years after their affair ended the disgraced former New York governor's marriage

Ex governor and girlfriend Lis Smith have split up after two years together

Spitzer caught sneaking into her apartment while married two years ago

Relationship cost Smith her political spin job and [him] his marriage to Silda

Now it appears his ex has kept the cat the couple adopted together in May.

....The couple adopted the gray grimalkin together - then named Silk - from an LA shelter earlier this year.

In May, non-for-profit Operation Save the Who Datt Fur Babies, posted a picture of Smith, 33, cuddled up with the cat under the caption 'Guess who Silk was adopted by? The ex Governor of New York! This baby is so lucky!'

Now it appears Smith got custody in the break-up after she posted on Twitter another picture of her posing with the cat, who was re-named Cersei after the Game of Thrones character, just hours before news emerged of the split.

Smith even created a Twitter account for the cat whose bio reads 'director of rapid response at@Cats­For­OMalley.'

Smith and Spitzer, 56, have agreed to go their separate ways after their two-year relationship. A spokeswoman for the former governor, Lisa Linden, told NY Daily News that the break-up was amicable.

'Given how hectic both their work and travel schedules are, they decided a few weeks ago to take a break in their relationship,' Linden told NY Daily News.

"They remain very close and continue to care for each other,' Linden added.

At least they didn't stay together for the cat's sake.

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