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December 26, 2015

December 26, 1883

We do not know who was Maurice Utrillo's father; his mother was an artist, and often painted cats. Utrillo (December 26, 1883 to November 5, 1955) painted urban scenes, and is considered a great artist. One may well imagine that those scenes in his paintings of snowy roofs, might be a sweet haven from the demands of his everyday life. He has been described as a half-mad alcoholic. He was raised by his grandmother and had also to deal later with his mother's lovers in his household. But I am not convinced insanity is accurately diagnosed often.

Here is a portrait his mother did of her son and her mother in 1918:

And this portrait of Maurice Utrillo may have been taken after his marriage to a rich widow who protected him the last decades of his life.

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