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January 15, 2014

January 15, 1945

The British public calls her Princess Pushy. Princess Michael of Kent (January 15, 1945) is married to a grandson of George V, and even the Queen is said to find her annoying. Princess Michael, called by her husband's name since she was not born a princess herself, is of an upper class, central European origin. My own take, based on newspaper accounts, is that she is merely being, herself in a thoroughly genuine way. She and her husband have a twenty-one room apartment at Kensington Palace, and share the royal box at some sporting events. It was from the royal box at the London Olympics that her departure got a reference in the news. She had to leave to search for her cat. It was found in a few days, having been accidentally confined during some re-modeling event. The lady has her priorities about right. A recent picture of her is below, used for publicity for a new book. She has authored a number of narratives about historical royal figures, but her first novel, The Queen Of Four Kingdoms (2013) got bad reviews.
Princess Michael of Kent: she refused to take cookery lessons on the grounds that she would marry a prince

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