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November 7, 2013

November 7, 1929

The Museum of Modern Art, the Rockefeller inspired and largely funded collection of art was opened to the public first, on November 7, 1929. Their first quarters were rented Manhattan space, and though the real estate is finer now, they are a major Manhattan destination. 

We found that typing cats into the advanced search box on their website got 61 hits. Other numbers to conjure with, though this sounds like a fraction of their collection: 8,355 artists and 50,029 works online.

If you go to, and type in "cats"
you can see some cats online. Like this one we copied below, titled  Cat (Katze). The artist was Christian Rohlfs (German, 1849–1938) who created it in 1913, of a stencil used with "spray and spatter" which may be technical terminology, though it sounds clear enough.

The work measures  7. 5/16 x 11 9/16" (18.5 x 29.4 cm) on a irregularly shaped sheet. The artist printed this single copy. The museum purchased it with money from the Matthew T. Mellon Foundation.  You need to visit them and buy something nice.
Christian Rohlfs. Cat (Katze). (1913)

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