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September 27, 2013

September 27, 2009

Alice Faber Tryon, born on August 2, 1920, died on March 29, 2009.  According to the obituary the American Fern Society published: "she went to the University of Wisconsin at Madison where she met Rolla M. Tryon Jr. and married him on March 16, 1945." 

They met when she was his student. They later worked at Harvard where their expertise on "ferns and their spore morphology" was prized. But there were several academic posts before Harvard, including at "the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis in 1947 where Alice completed her doctoral degree at Washington University in 1952." Here is a photo from that time, and we see these academics in their office, with ---- their cat.

The obituary is not where we found this lovely photograph, but is the source of most of this information. " In 1958, she and Rolla joined the staff of the Gray Herbarium at Harvard University..." We also learned, "Her book with Bernard Lugardon, Spores of the Pteridophyta (1991), is likely to remain the authoritative reference on spore morphology for decades to come."

"On September 27, 2009, the authors [of the obituary, which would be Gerald J. Gastony, David S. Barrington, and David S. Conant -- all fellow botanists, I believe.] and their wives united Alice's ashes with Rolla's on a ferny hill in northern Vermont. A simple bronze plaque affixed to a boulder at the site records their passing with the following words.

ROLLA M. TRYON JR. (1916-2001)
AND ALICE F. TRYON (1920-2009)

Pteridology is the study of spore-dispersed plants.

There is no obituary for Boriwog, that I could find. That's the cat in the picture. Boriwog. 

Following is a bibliography of Alice Tryon's work. You don't have to read it; I have to include it. To me it speaks of research shared with someone you love, and travel to exotic locales.

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