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July 24, 2013

July 24, 1878

Percy Lancelot Babington is an obscure writer, not unfairly forgotten, but a suitable subject for us and , we will stress some facts about his background, since they are hard to come by. What we found in Visitation of England and Wales, Volume 8 edited by Joseph Jackson Howard, and others, (1900) is that Babington was born July 24, 1877,  Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England and christened August 24, 1877, St. Peter-in-Eastgate, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England.

His father the Reverend John Albert Babington was educated at New College, and went on to become master or assistant master at posh boys schools of the era. His mother was the daughter of the Vicar of Orpington. Percy had a younger sister, Margaret and a younger brother Humfrey Temple Babington.

Percy was educated at Tonbridge School, where his father was assistant master, and then went on to St. John's College, Cambridge. There he was, in the words of a Google blurb,' the "least of the apostles" in the Uranian movement....'

In 1911 Percy L. Babington had a book entitled simply Poems published. It is dedicated to his brother, " a true lover of the Great Poets, a kindly critic of their lesser brethren." Some poems in this book are "To a Robin," "The Deserted House," "Spring", and "Love and Death." You can read more since Hathitrust has the whole book available to read. Not that I recommend this, though he does have a descriptive gift.

At some point Babington's poetic ambitions subsided into bibliophiia. He published, about J. A. Symonds.: Bibliography of the writings of John Addington Symonds (1925). This succeeded Babington's book about cat -- books:

A collection of books about cats; with Notes (1918) ; I wonder how many copies of that were printed.

His only other book apparently was Browning & Calverley: Or, Poem and Parody; an Elucidation (1925). No one knows when Percy Babington died.

The only other mark I know he left was his bookplate. A sale of a copy of Champfleury's Les Chats, (1878) mentions the plate. 

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