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November 20, 2011

November 20, 1750

Tipu Sultan (November 20, 1750 to  4 May 4, 1799), was the ruler of the Indian kingdom of Mysore. He was a brilliant and ruthless man. He never stopped hating the British, and used alliances with the French to contain and defeat them. Ultimately Tipu Sultan, died in battle against the English, and his astounding collection of jewels was among the loot.

One of his them came up for auction recently: (2010).  It is described as "gold pendant is set with a 38 carat emerald surrounded by nine precious stones including topaz, blue sapphire, ruby, diamond and pearl. It is one of the very few pieces of jewellery from Tipu Sultan’s fabulous treasury to have survived in its original setting."

Tipu Sultan was known during his lifetime as the Tiger of Mysore; he encouraged this informal title. The story he told was that while hunting in the forest a tiger attacked him. His gun would not fire and the tiger knocked his dagger out of his hand when jumping him. Tipu Sultan managed to reach the dagger and then stab the tiger to death. The king decorated his palaces with tiger relics, and used an image of one on his banners.

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