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November 19, 2011

November 19, 1819

Vacquerie (November 19, 1819 to February 19, 1895)  is the name of a minor French writer. He was an in-law of Victor Hugo, whose political sympathies he shared. Here is a brief bibliography for Vacquerie:

L'Enfer de l'esprit (1840) (poetry)
Antigone(1844)  (translation)
Tragaldabas(1848) (play.)
Souvent homme varie (1859), (comedy in verse)
Jean Baudry (1863) (play)
Le Rappel (1869 ff) (periodical which he co-founded, edited, and wrote for)

In addition to photographing the Hugo family, Vacquerie immortalized his cats with that medium. One cat had long hair . His cats are collected in  Sally Eauclaire's book The Cat in Photography, (1990).

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